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TAIEX Workshop on GEANT H2020 and European Synchrotron Sources

The SESAME Jordanian National Committee (SJNC) and the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX) will arrange the 10th Jordanian SESAME users’ workshop and The TAIEX Workshop on GEANT H2020 and European Synchrotron sources in Amman, Jordan.

This workshop will promote the Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East (SESAME) as a unique facility, and will raise the awareness on the developments of research and education networks and high speed connectivity to SESAME and other NRENs in the region to be able to use SESAME services appropriately.

This workshop will cover various disciplines of applied synchrotron radiation research interests of the SESAME Jordanian users’ community. And to transferring knowledge to local users form European expertise from advanced European synchrotrons the organizers will bring together scientists from Jordan and European experts in the various fields of synchrotrons Applications, and will provide a platform for information exchange and discussions of ongoing collaborative efforts within the community. The meeting will also offer the opportunity to develop new collaborative research projects.

The scientific program of the meeting will cover topics in:

  • Current states of SESAME Synchrotron
  • Research Opportunities and applications using the XAFS/XRF Beamline.
  • Research Opportunities and applications using the IR Beamline.
  • Research Opportunities Using the MS Beamline.
  • SESAME Computational Facilities and Links.


All local participants living more than 100 km away from the venue are entitled to receive accommodation form the night before the start of the workshop until noon of second day (two nights)




Final Report